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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

HIV/AIDS currently affects an estimated 7,06 million people in South Africa which has increased from 4,94 million people in 2002. The HIV prevalence has declined amongst the youth aged between 15-24 from 7,3% in 2002 to 4,6% in 2017. Whilst this is an improvement, we at The EssBee Foundation understand that HIV/AIDS still affects 12,6% of the total South African population. Therefore, it is vital to inform the youth on how to prevent themselves from contracting such a virus.

In light of HIV/AIDS having a high prevalence that affects many in South Africa, our volunteers at The EssBee Foundation had visited St. George’s Home for Girls in Cape Town. The girls had been given a workshop to bring about awareness of how HIV/AIDS can be contracted as well as preventative measures that can be taken in certain circumstances. Further, they were notified about the best possible treatments currently available to those who are affected.

One of The EssBee Foundation's central pillars is education and this event was held to ensure that the girls remain well-informed. They had learnt a lot and had many questions for the volunteers. We are pleased that this interactive workshop was a success and hope that the girls stay strong and healthy and are able to assist loved ones in future.

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