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Water Conservation Workshop

Water Conservation Workshop

Water conservation is of utmost importance as it is one of the most important resources on Earth. It is believed that if we continue consumption at our current rate we could run out of drinking water before 2040. This is vital as South Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 24 years and affects over 2.7 million households. Therefore, educating as many people on ways in which to save water will ensure sustainability of our precious resources.

In light of Cape Town’s dire water crisis, The EssBee Foundation held a water conservation workshop at SA Children’s Home in order to promote awareness and to encourage less water wastage. The volunteers had spent the day with the children discussing the various uses of water and the best ways to conserve it when partaking in various activities. The children were pleased to learn new ways in which to help the environment and were shown how to make a water-saving bottle that can be used when washing their hands. The children then had the opportunity to assemble their own water-saving bottles and had used various stickers to decorate them. This will encourage water-saving behaviour which will directly impact the dam levels on a daily basis.

The water conservation workshop was an opportunity for The EssBee Foundation to focus on one of their core pillars which is education. The EssBee Foundation aimed at encouraging more children to consume water responsibly by using less than 50 litres per day. Encouraging the children to be responsible will help them become more environmentally conscious and make positive changes in the world.

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