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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day focused on spreading love that is most commonly spent with one’s significant other. The EssBee Foundation encourages everyone to spread love and be kind to others on a daily basis. Valentine’s Day has become very commercialized over the years and the EssBee volunteers wanted the children to understand the underlying meaning and purpose of this day.

 Valentine’s Day this year was centered around the topic of self-love. This is an important topic as many media agencies have an unrealistic perception of beauty and love for oneself. Therefore, the volunteers at The EssBee Foundation had spent the day with the children at St. Martin’s Home for Children in Durban and explained the importance of self-love. Thereafter, the children had looked at themselves in the mirror and told everyone 5 things that they love about themselves whether it was inner or outer beauty. The children thereafter had the opportunity to add further compliments over and above what the individual had mentioned which had led to increased confidence and higher self-esteem.

One of The EssBee Foundation’s central pillars is woman empowerment. The volunteers hope that they were able to teach the children to love themselves and appreciate all their qualities. The children had a great day learning about their qualities that others value and this will lead to strong-minded, confident, happier individuals.

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