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Oral Hygiene Workshop

Oral Hygiene Workshop

Promoting awareness around oral hygiene and the benefits of having a healthy mouth is of utmost importance to The EssBee Foundation. Oral hygiene is important to maintain strong, healthy teeth from a young age and to prevent diseases and infections. Many oral issues can be detected and prevented with regular visits to the dentist who can provide various treatment and advice.

The volunteers had discussed the importance of brushing and flossing one’s teeth regularly to maintain a healthy mouth. They had further discussed problems that could arise in the absence of proper maintenance by consuming foods that are bad for your teeth. The children had fun partaking in various activities that asked them to list foods that are good and bad for your teeth. In addition, The EssBee Foundation had donated various Colgate products to St. Martin’s Children’s Home in the hope to improve oral hygiene.

The EssBee Foundation’s central pillars is personal hygiene and education therefore the oral health workshop was highly beneficial. The volunteers had enjoyed spending the day with the children and hope to see them with bright Colgate smiles for future events.

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