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Lead the Girl Child Out

Lead the Girl Child Out

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery and affects approximately 20.9 million people around the world. Human trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purpose of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation. This practice occurs all around the world and it is vital that people are made aware of it to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of this industry. Generally young girls are targeted by traffickers and can become targets in their own countries or while travelling abroad.

The EssBee Foundation had visited St. George’s Home for Girls in Cape Town to bring about awareness around this industry and inform the girls on the best ways to stay out of danger and what can be done if ever faced by this situation. Grizelda Grootboom was the guest speaker who provided deep insight into this industry and the challenges she had encountered when becoming a victim of this practice. Ms. Grootboom had captivated the girls with her story and had pleaded that they remain vigilant at all times as well as encouraging them to seek help if they are ever placed in a similar position. The girls had learnt a lot from the guest speaker and had empathized with her.

The EssBee Foundation’s central pillars is women empowerment and education. It is vital for the girls to be aware of this practice as it could help prevent them from being in danger. The EssBee Foundation values the children’s safety and hopes that the girls are more insightful and vigilant after this workshop.

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